2009 and stuff

11 01 2009

Tom told me to post…so I am as it is most definitely overdue, (considering it has taken me the best part of a year to remember my password!) and I must say that I’m a little scared by all the new jiggery-pokery that has happened on wordpress lol being a creature of habit, change scares me! But I shall triumph by learning and adapting! (or muddling through and avoiding the things that make no sense ^_^).

So…um yes…2009, nice isn’t it? This year I find myself employed, engaged and no longer a student ^_^ three things that I am very happy about and also rather pleased with! ^_^ hehe.

No longer being a student I find that I am rather more relaxed in general  as there is no constant worrying over deadlines and if my work is good enough to stand up to the comparative ridicule of my class mates (phew!), also I no longer have to sit in a small dark room beneath the library…that is an absolute godsend! Although I must admit that I miss using the library and its resources for free 😦 .

Engagement: Loving it ^_^ All who read this know that Tom and I got engaged in November on our six year anniversary ^_^ and all I can say is about bloody time! lol Tom was very romantic and I am very happy – and proud! – to wear my beautiful engagement ring and for everyone to know that we belong to each other and shall do for a very long time. Now all we have to do is start planning the big day! – stay tooned. ..

Employed: Atm I am working at Starbucks (full time) and am also still doing the odd shift at the Yacht Club. Ok I have a job that has no relevance to my degree and suffering of the past few years, but the money is good, I can train to whatever level I choose (starting supervisor training this quarter ^_^), I get a great discount and I get free coffee! (Also everyone there is super cool!)

So yeah..I guess thats pretty much all for now other than to say Happy New Year and I’ll try and write more soon..and more frequently (or detailed) I guess ^_^ .


Another weekend gone

18 02 2008

Look at Tobeon’s site to see how I have wasted the weekend


I’m an awful student!

But I do make great clay piggies ^_^ hehe

Good Morning 2008

19 01 2008

Well its that time of the year again…the beginning! Well not really the beginning…but close enough! This isn’t going to be a proper post as I can’t really think of anything to write even though I suppose I could write about South Africa, coursework and finished deadlines, or I could even talk about the films or Tv shows that I have been watching (Enchanted! The Wire! Deadwood! etc) but I wont…as I am a lazy Jay…oh so lazy! lol So lazy in fact that I am going to put the laptop down and concentrate on watching The Wire ^_^ *big smiles* ^_^

Later y’all x


16 10 2007


Just lookit how cute they are *squueeeeeeee!*

Update of me

6 07 2007

Well it’s 2am and I’m still trying to clean and arrange my room, it is now the 4th day of this attempt and things actually seem to be getting harder! I just don’t get it…my room has actually got even messier and faaaaar more disorganised, ok yeah my books are now arranged by colour (which is quite cool – I wish I had more books), my computer is now on my desk (although nowhere near a viable power source), I have found homes for practically all of my dvd’s, but still…mess! and shoes…many many shoes…in fact I’m pretty sure that they’re not all mine…well maybe they are but like really old shoes that I haven’t worn since year 11 or something stupid.

On other news, I am still unemployed and therefore am still very poor 😦 I did work at BBC radio Wales the other day (answering phones for the shows) which was fairly easy and reasonably enjoyable…in fact a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be! Old people are great when you don’t actually have to engage them in conversation (or look interested), some of them just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on until eventually someone puts them on the air…in fact they’re still going when the host finishes with them…fantastic 🙂 I can honestly say that’s one of the few things that actually appeals to me about getting old. Oh yeah so anyway completely sidetracked…BBC Radio Wales was fun and they have a TARDIS in the lobby! Hehe it’s lush ^_^
Also on the subject of news, I had an interview for Wetherspoons in Cwmbran (fun…) which also was fairly amusing as the bloke who interviewed me totally hates his job and I swear was trying to put me off the place…which probably would’ve worked if I didn’t need the damn money quite so much…but knowing my luck some git who doesn’t have to leave by October will get the job instead of me…but then again if that happens then it’s obviously some kind of a sign that God (or a higher power) simply does not want me to work…and if that happens I suppose I will have no choice in the matter but to stay at home and continue my battle with the room of multiplying brick-a-brak!

erm has anything else hppened? oh yeah! Tom and myself went to Hyde Park Calling and saw many cool artistes the ultimate being Aerosmith ^_^ lushness! We had an awesome time even though it was raining…although admitedly nowhere near as muddy as Glasto! We made a tent out of ponchos and an umbrella (Tom mostly…I sat in my poncho), we stood in a huddle for almost 2 hours to get me a T-shirt and then Tom bought me an awesome cool hat ^_^ love it!

So yeah that’s pretty much it…back to the room I guess…

Tell me why…

1 06 2007

I don’t like Fridays. Who knows! I’m not a massive fun of Mondays – but then who is? – but then again I’m not really the biggest fan of any other day that happens to approach me, of course I do have my odd moments but there is a general feeling of dislike when Friday comes. I think it might be something to do with the fact that most of my deadlines are due on Fridays..and some of the time the coursework may not be completed, and at other times it may have been hurredly finished at 6am in the morning, you know how it is, it’s like revision,  cramming as much information  into  a designated space (or your brain) in as little time as possible. Who takes 2months to write an essay? There’s always something better to do. But anyways I’m totally of the road of where I wanted to go with this *sighs*

Anyways to coursework, choosing to change my topic at 2days before my deadline was possibly not the best thing to do. Task: Write an original screenplay, 30 minutes in length. Thursday was a good day 14pages done ^_^ yay for me, today (Friday) – the deadline day – 3pages done.  Total pages = 17  hmmm…shite comes to mind.

Oh well thats enough online misery for today!


17 05 2007

Well hasn’t today been a lovely day ^_^ it’s been shiny and oh so very sunny here in Swansea so I used this to my advantage by sitting of the window sill top of Dan’s window thing and getting some rays whilst trying to do some work, it’s way better than being stuck in a suprisingly cold room panicing about the work not advancing as quickly as hoped – at least this way I got to sit in the warming warming glow of burning gas. Hot 😀

So all in all today has been pretty lush, I’ve got to listen to a lot more music than I usually do (Ifound the cable for my iPod) AND I got to eat an ice lolly! Yum! ^_^ hehe how i love the summer. I can’t wait to go home and just chill out for a little bit, and hopefully find a job to have money for the gray days that Wales always brings.I really can’t wait to get out of this house, this Birla house of hell, seriously the worst house I have ever been in and I hope I never live in anything worse – although I do think that would be highly unlikely as a hole would be nicer…although holes don’t tend to have windows…
The one thing i am going to miss is the view, it’s really pretty looking at the sea and the skyline over the rooftops, our new house wont have that becase it’s on the flat…then again it IS on the flat which means no hills yippee!! lol but I will miss aspects of Uplands like the Tav (even though no one else likes it! :p) and Wasabi (although I’m sure we can organize take out!), and Mister D’s! How we love the D’s but next year we’ll be nearer to town and places like the Bryn-y-mor so all is cool I guess but after living in Uplands for the last two years it’s just going to be a little wierd.

Wow I’m tired…I think there’s just something about his time of the day that makes me want to sleep, i was like it yesterday before we went to see 28weeks later…and then of course we watched the film and I never want to sleep again 😥 *wimpers* me no like zombies, or rage filled beings. We also went to Nando’s after the film which was cool as I’ve never been to the Swansea one before I had a tasty chicken pita and refillable frozen yogurt (banana), mmm tastylicious! heh

Heroes! is awesome! Watched the latest ep and its all like wow and noooo and yey and ooooh…and you get the picture? I like watching the police guy especially since I saw him get brained in Hollowman…I don’t know why that makes me more interested in him? Wierd huh? But anyways I’m really looking forward to the final episode, Tom said something about it being a double, 2hour thing, whatever, I know its going to be totally awesome! 😀 Well I’m going to see if I can find the latest ep of House on t’internet as I need my daily fix 😀